Neha & Rahil #RahilGotDadhitched

Neha & Rahil # Feb#2018

A wedding wherein no opportunity was lost in dancing.

A wedding where the entire family came together to dance for the sangeet t perform like an awards night.

A wedding where the bride was a Bridezilla and the groom a chillzilla..

Heres the calmest groom and the hyperactive bride.

Coming Soon!!!

Mrinmayee & Vijay #MrinJay

This was one of the simplest and sweetest weddings we covered this season. It was coming together of people of two totally different backgrounds and states. It was when the simplicity of Tamil Nadu married the marathi flair! One of those real life 2-states stories!

It was a simple court marriage followed by a reception and boy, did they give us time for portraits!! They actually gave almost 45min-1hr for the pictures before the reception and the results are here for everyone to see!

Sharmila & Sagar

Nothing can be more beautiful then having to shoot a couple so madly in love! They strictly told us, no posed portraits! We just didn’t have to!

And then came the after party!

Prathyusha & Aditya

Immense Happiness is all that fills my heart when I think about this particular experience !!

Knowing someone for 12 years and then being able to contribute to their big day is truly something!

Jaya & Karthik

Respect for culture and traditions was what this Tam bram engagement was all about!

Held in Mumbai, this ceremony gave a visit back to the tamil culture.